Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Pele Auction Benefiting Charity Nets More than $5 Million


Allen Fitzsimmons leads Transitioning Forward in Belchertown, MA, as CEO. In this role, he

oversees an experienced team of appraisers and estate management professionals. Beyond

his professional obligations, he is a certified tennis instructor with the United StatesProfessional Tennis Association. Tennis players such as Allen Fitzsimmons can stay safe on

the court through an understanding of the importance of warmups.

Warming up before a tennis game can help players to stay safe and provides a number of

benefits on a physical and emotional level. Warmups help to prepare the muscles and body

tissue for the considerable strain that the sport puts on the joints due to the constant

stopping, starting, and rigorous body movements. Furthermore, warmups can help one’s

body to perform at an optimal level and reduce the likelihood of conditions such as tennis


The ideal warmup takes approximately 10 to 20 minutes and includes dynamic stretches

that keep the body in motion, as opposed to static stretches that require players to hold a

stretch for several seconds. Dynamic stretches tend to improve the body’s range of motion,

enhance muscle performance, and increase body awareness. In addition, a dynamic

warmup does a more thorough job of activating the muscles used in tennis than a static

warmup. Areas that you should focus on during a warmup include the knees, rotator cuff,

hips, back, calves, hamstrings, and IT band.