Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Estate Sales and Tag Sales May Bring Disappointing Results

Allen Fitzsimmons is the owner of Transitioning Forward. Allen Fitzsimmons, of Belchertown, MA, helps people by selling keepsakes, antiques, furniture and high-value items for them, so they don't have to deal with the details during moves and transitions. Some alternatives to Transitioning Forward are below.

Estate sales are one way to dispose of a family's accumulation of treasures and antiques when moving to a different location. It is often easier for the homeowner to leave the selling of the interior contents to someone outside of the family, like an estate agent.

Estate agents come in different varieties, but they all sell for a commission. There should be a contract that spells out the percentage of the family portion and the agent's portion of the proceeds of the sale. In an estate auction, every item is sold for the bid price, regardless of the presumed value. Auctioneers at the estate auction receive a percentage of the sale price and the owner of the item receives the remainder of the bid. 

Estate sales and estate auctions often bring a price much lower than the sellers anticipate. Estate agents charge fees as high as 40 percent and auctioneers will request 30 percent or more. 

Tag sales are a third source of funds from the sale of home furnishings. A tag sale agent also receives a commission. The tag sale may last up to three days, and the price will drop on the items each day.

The commission structure and ability to obtain market value make the services of Allen Fitzsimmons and Transitioning Forward a superior option for selling your valuable items.