Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Rochester Hosts International Baccalaureate World Student Conference

Since 2013, Allen Fitzsimmons has served as chief executive officer of Transitioning Forward, a Belchertown, MA-based company that appraises and sells assets for clients who are downsizing or settling estates. Allen Fitzsimmons comes to this role with a master’s degree in management from the Simon Business School at the University of Rochester, which hosted the sixth annual International Baccalaureate World Student Conference in August 2017. 

The sixth annual International Baccalaureate World Student Conference brought together more than 200 students who participate in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. The global pre-college program provides a challenging course of study that emphasizes critical thinking. Approximately 10 percent of incoming Rochester students come from IB schools, and Rochester was the first institution in the Northeast to offer scholarships to such students. 

At this year’s International Baccalaureate World Student Conference, the keynote speaker was John Harris, the co-founder of Politico and a native of Rochester, New York. Harris gave an address titled Change and Continuity in Media and Politics: A Survivor’s Guide to the Daily Madness. Students also enjoyed the opportunity to visit Niagara Falls and attend a game of the Rochester Red Wings, a minor league baseball team. Finally, the event served as a way for students to see the River Campus and consider making the University of Rochester part of their future.

Friday, March 3, 2017

USPTA Tiers of Professional Certification

In 2013, Allen Fitzsimmons founded Transitioning Forward, a Belchertown, MA company that assists clients through transitional periods by overseeing the appraisal, sale, and shipment of the client’s property or estate. Outside of his professional life, Allen Fitzsimmons is also a USPTA-certified tennis instructor.

The United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) certifies tennis instructors to teach as professionals. The USPTA includes three tiers of certified professional membership. To be a professional, instructors must be at least 18-years-old, pass the written and practical portions of the certification exam, and complete the first two stages of Coach Youth Tennis. Every three years, professionals must earn at least six continuing education credits to maintain their status as professionals. 

Elite professionals are at least 22-years-old, and have passed the elite written and practical exams. The elite exams include the written sport science, tennis mechanics, and business tests; a stroke analysis test; and an elite-level practical, on-court exam. Elites must also earn a minimum of six credits per three years to maintain their elite status. 

Master professional is the highest status offered by the USPTA. Applicants may only apply for master status after 10 years at the elite professional level. They must also satisfy requirements for service in the industry. Like other professionals, masters must continue to earn six credits per three year period to retain their master-level status. Master professional status is intended for those occupying high-level tennis careers, such as director of tennis or general manager.

In addition to its professional certification program, the USPTA provides membership and educational opportunities for recreational coaches, school coaches, and those interested in coaching wheelchair tennis players.